Small-batch, antioxidant-rich, organic maple syrup from our home in Bolton, Vermont

nature's miracle sweetener


Our Story

Our story began with my 4-year-old daughter and I tapping maple trees around our home in Bolton, Vermont.


We made syrup the old fashioned way, gathering sap in buckets and boiling it over an open fire.


Our family and farm have grown since then, but we still strive to produce the finest single-source maple syrup on the market. 

And Abby still samples every batch.


Why Sweet Abby's

Sweet Abby's Vermont Maple Syrup

500 acres of conserved, organically-managed maple forest at our home in Bolton, Vermont

Sweet Abby's Organic Vemont Maple Syrup

Our unique same-day production process ensures you receive the purest, most delicious maple syrup on the market

Sweet Abby's Vermont Organic Maple Syrup

Sweet Abby's maple syrup is USDA accredited & certified by the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont

Maple Syrup


Researchers have found 65 beneficial compounds in pure maple syrup, including cancer-fighting agents, and confirmed at least 20 play a key role in human health.

Sweet Abby's Organic Maple Syrup
Organic Vermont Maple Syrup
Organic Vermont Maple Syrup
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Vermont Maple Syrup Antioxidants
Best Vermont Maple Syrup
Organic Vermont Maple Syrup
Organic Maple Syrup

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