Why Choose Sweet Abby's Maple Syrup?

We like to think Sweet Abby's maple syrup is better than the other maple syrups on the market. 

Here's why...

Sweet Abby's Maple Syrup

Single-source maple syrup

Sweet Abby's maple syrup is derived entirely from sap from our own Robbin's Mountain maple trees. Much of the maple syrup on the market today is derived from third parties- from the farmer buying sap from his neighbor to the large bottling company blending syrup from many different sources. There is no way to ensure the quality of  syrup derived from third party means. When you buy Sweet Abby's syrup you get 100% pure, unadulterated maple goodness from our trees.

Sweet Abby's Vermont Maple Syrup

Ideal location & conditions

Our maple trees grow on the north side of Robbin's Mountain in Bolton, Vermont. Given this exposure our maple trees are still producing high quality sap when other sugar houses have already shut down for the season. Later season sap equates to darker more robust flavored syrup that contains higher levels of beneficial antioxidants than lighter early season syrup.

Sweet Abby's Organic Maple Syrup

Sustainably-managed, organic maple trees

Sweet Abby's is in full compliance with the National Organic Standards Board and Vermont Organic Farmers guidelines on sustainability and organic practices. We consider our trees, the forest and the ecosystem in all of our harvesting and production practices, and take pride in knowing our syrup is as pure as possible.


Sweet Abby's maple syrup production begins and ends on Robbin's Mountain - 500 acres of conserved land in Bolton, Vermont. Robbin's Mountain is our home; where we live, work and raise our family.


Sweet Abby's unique same-day production process ensures our customers receive the purest, most delicious maple syrup on the market.

Quebecol maple syrup

Same-day production

Maple sap has a short shelf life and can quickly deteriorate in quality. Our sap is collected in stainless steel holding tanks in a climate controlled building and converted into maple syrup on the same day to ensure it is fresh, rich and delicious.

Maple Syrup Quebecol

It's all in the details

We understand the methods and equipment used in maple syrup production are just as important as sap quality. That's why we're meticulous about the production process. We use only the highest quality equipment and materials  and clean everything thoroughly each day with Mike overseeing the entire process from start to finish. 

Antioxidants maple syrup

Only glass bottles

Just like the honey found in Egyptian tombs, it is said that properly stored maple syrup can last forever. However, after a relatively short amount of time, plastic and metal containers can leach into the syrup, ruining its taste and quality.*  Glass bottling under proper conditions ensures our maple syrup can stay pure and delicious until the last drop**

*Source: Family and Consumer Sciences department at Ohio State University.

**Maple syrup can last indefinitely if it's refrigerated after opening, the cap is sealed tightly and no contaminants or foreign particles are introduced into the bottle.

Best maple syrup

Organic goodness

Our maple syrup is USDA accredited and certified by the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont. No chemicals or pesticides are ever used in our forests or maple syrup production process.

Best Vermont Maple Syrup

Sustainably managed maple grove

Sweet Abby's is in full compliance with the National Organic Standards Board guidelines on sustainability. We consider our trees, the forest and the ecosystem in all of our harvesting and production practices.

Best Organic Maple Syrup

No additives

We take pride in knowing our maple syrup is as pure as possible; starting the day as pure sap in our organically managed maple forest and ending the day in our sugar house as 100% pure maple syrup.


Our organic maple syrup is derived from pure maple sap from our own sustainably-managed maple forest.